Communication Mindmap Types

A simple 3 steps formula to create an instant mindmap even before speaking a word.

Ever heard yourself saying, “I wish I could somehow organize my thoughts and speak effectively!?”

If yes then, stay tuned, this article is just for you. In the next 2 minutes you will get to know how to implement the simplest mindmapping hack to organize your thoughts effectively and make the most of your communication expertise

Power packed Techniques Installed within the video!

Even before we get there, let’s see if we can identify what are the different spokes of communication

1) Personal Communication – speaking to spouse, parents, friends, family.
2) Professional Communication – Boss, Juniors, seniors, colleagues, clients.
3) Prepared Communication – Office speech, TedX Talk, Conference keynote.
4) Impromptu Communication – 90% of our day to day communication.

Let’s see if we can break it down in the simplest of steps

1) Power backed Beginning – This is where you organize your thoughts. You set the tone to what exactly it is that you are trying to express. The elements containing the system will include
– Objectives of the speech
– Agenda of the speech
– timing of the speech
– My target audience
– Tentative outcome of the speech

2) Bombastic Ending – This is where you finish with panache. A proper call to action, that allows your listeners (your audience) to remember you well after you have left the stage. This will include
– A call to Action
– Question
– Summarizing the Content

3) Body – This is where you integrate all there is that you want to talk about. The core ingredients that can make this a super hit will be
– A story related to the topic
– A messaged at the end of the story

If all these things are followed step by step, one day at a time, soon we can become professionals at what we do.
Practise makes Progress, let’s keep reminding ourselves the same always.

Love and Abundance,
Dr. Suryadeep Majumder

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